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Jonas Tofterup, Master of Wine from Denmark to present at ProWine Singapore on September 7, 4-5pm. Titled “Women & Wine: How the World of Frederiksdal Award-Winning Cherry Wines Have Transformed Sundowners To Socials.”

We know that cherry wines are not your average glass of red. They are above and beyond, more than that and we have to disagree that it is just a fruit wine, or even like a port. Frederiksdal cherry wines from Denmark have been around sufficiently long enough for a serious take on its place in the market. At vaunted restaurants ranging from the world’s best Noma of Denmark to innovative bars such as ARGO of Four Seasons in Hong Kong, Frederiksdal’s Grape of the North is an inspiring brand that might really be a woman’s best friend at the table.

From reflective sundowners taking in the elegant sophistication of a cherry tipple on your own to regaling in the storied solera fermentation that’s relayed from our meditative demijohn fields and delighting one’s guests with an effortless table of one of the world’s most sustainable and rebellious wines (we ignored the grape!)....Frederiksdal has quite a plethora to offer.

Presented by Jonas who is currently Danish winemaker of the year and Denmark’s first Master of Wine, his impeccable wine credentials give way to a table of Frederiksdal that you will be invited to gather and take front seat view of how the Danes are likely to relax and regale in the storied plantations of what is possibly the world’s largest and last stenvsbær cherry fields of significance.

This presentation is only for trade visitors at ProWine Singapore. To register for the event, please visit here


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